Giant Halifax FAQ's

2 February 2016

BMan On The Giant Bicycle Halifax Announcement

Why open a new Giant branded bike shop in Halifax BMan, I thought you were winding down? Well there is no doubt about it, I am slowing down, ask anybody I ride with and they'll tell you that, but I’m definitely not winding down. My life is being planned in five year blocks, and for the next five years, I’ll be putting my heart, soul, and energy into both my "first love" Bicycles Plus, and the new Giant Bicycle Halifax location. Right now I’m super stoked to be a part of it all!

What will make the two shops different, and what will stay the same? Bicycles Plus, after 23 years of operation has a pretty well defined idea of what its customers are looking for. On the other hand, the Giant Bicycle Halifax Store will be work in progress, and morph into the store its new customers want it to be, based on their future buying habits. Product wise, there will definitely be more of a focus on cool new Giant branded gear at the Halifax store, as well as showcase bikes, and professional merchandising. The current Bikes Plus staff members, along with new staff members we will be hiring shortly, will be floating between the two stores, so if you’ve liked dealing with us in Bedford, odds are you’ll feel right at home in our new Halifax location.

Why did you pick the 5536 Sackville Street location? We wanted to move onto the peninsula of Halifax to make it more convenient for the population of Halifax to see what great products Giant Bicycle Canada has to offer them. We wanted to be close to the South end, close to the central school system, hospitals, and universities. We’ve accomplished all of that and much more? Look out the windows of the new space, and you see the natural beauty and history of Citadel Hill all around you. A two minute walk, or a one minute pedal, and you’re at the Public Gardens, or the new Halifax Library! In the spring of 2018, the new YMCA will be our next-door neighbor, with an expected 6,000 fitness minded members taking advantage of this fabulous new facility being built in the heart of the city. Want a few more reasons? I can go on forever as to why I believe this location is nothing short of ideal!

How does this announcement affect Bicycles Plus? Bicycles Plus has been a staple of the Bedford business community since 1993. We’ve got a great staff, great product, great service, and a long and sucessful history, and we wanted to make all of that accessible to more people than we have been able to in the past. With all of these things solidly in place at this point in time, it has allowed us to open up the new Giant Bicycle Halifax store. We’re in a very fortunate position indeed, and feel that the second location in Halifax will make both businesses stronger. I see Bicycles Plus operating in Bedford long after I drop dead, and trust me that’s not going to happen for another 50 to 60 years…lol.