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We've missed staging this event the past two years due to Covid, but have come up with a plan that we hope will capture the spirit and fun of the original Hit The Deck events, and help raise some serious funds for our local charity of choice, Phoenix Youth .

In the past, our event was staged outdoors, usually on the coldest day of the year, with a large group of brave "Deck Riders" spending long hours on their bikes, spinning their brains out, and going nowhere, as our bikes were hooked up to stationary trainers. But throughout all this, we managed to have a bunch of fun and at the same time raise awareness and support for our local youth through Phoenix Youth.

With Covid still firmly rooted in both our great country and HRM, we recognize how this environment presents a huge challenge to organizations like Phoenix Youth that count on support through activities and events to help fund their efforts. That is why we have engineered the fundraising ride Hit The Deck 2022 VR that will be done from home, via the world wide web, through two internet based vehicles. One is Zwift, that will be where the virtual group ride will take place Saturday March 5 from noon till 5 pm, and the socializing will be handled remotely through Google Meet during the ride. We welcome everyone to participate, and sincerely hope you will be able to make a donation towards a very good cause, assisting youth achieve success within our community. Many more details will be forthcoming, and they will all be found here. 

HTD UPDATE/February 27, 2022

Attention all potential DeckRiders, we have a date and time set, prizes being lined up for registered participants, a pledge page up and active right now. Hold on BMan, where do I register? We're keeping it real simple here folks, please take a second to register here on our FB Event post. No details needed, just click the "going button" and you're in. If you want to join in on the Google Meet we are staging to trash talk a fellow DeckRider, Jonathan has shared this for you.

Don't have a smart trainer? Zwift was made for smart trainers, so please go to our website, and check out all the smart trainers we have in stock. Stay tuned for more updates.

HTD UPDATE/February 21, 2022

Hi folks, here is the latest on HTD 2022. Jonathan, our amazing Giant Ambassador has decided we will be doing the Beach Island Loop for HTD 2022. It will allow riders to jump on and off their bike, and be able to hook back up with the group when it comes around again which will be often, on the short 13.8 loop. If you want to join in on the ride to support of Phoenix Youth, you will need to sign into Zwift, and follow Jon Hilder. Don't have a smart trainer? Zwift was made for smart trainers, so please go to our website, call up any smart trainer we have in stock, and punch in the promo code HTD2022 at the checkout to get your 20% discount and see just how we much appreciate our HTD DeckRiders. Stay tuned for more updates.



Phoenix operates a Youth and Community Centre in Mulgrave Park. The Centre works collaboratively with the community to develop relevant and meaningful programs for residents. They primarily provide recreation, art, team-building, communication, life skills development, and employment and education support programming.


The youth and families Phoenix work with struggle with a range of challenges, including difficult family relationships, grief and loss, peer conflict and bullying, challenges at school, coping with emotions, low self-esteem, histories of abuse, and discrimination and poverty.


Phoenix Youth Shelter provides free, safe, emergency accommodations to youth ages 16-24. The Shelter supplies daily essentials (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) around the clock to youth who seek support.  All residents have access to daily programming and are connected with a Key Worker who provides on-going guidance and support to help residents meet their identified goals.


Good health allows youth to focus on the future. Through our incredible partnership with the IWK, we have a nurse who offers health care to our youth. Phoenix listens and connects youth and families with the services they need, either at Phoenix or in the larger community.