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The ride will be hosted by our amazing Giant Bicycle ambassador, Jonathan Hilder and shop owner, BMan Misener. The goal of the ride is to provide a welcoming environment for Intermediate road riders.  We will ride as one group, and stay together as a group. Just a heads up, this is not a race, it is designed as an intermediate ride, and as such the ride will be controlled, and the pace respected by all who want to participate.

The Intermediate Road Ride will start at, Fairbanks Center, Shubie Park Parking lot and consist of a 20.4 km out and back route, for a total ride distance of 40.8 kms along the scenic Waverley Road. We have also introduced a set of hills into the route, which will build climbing/and descending skills, as well as allow riders to chat a bit while climbing. The group will ride at a 27/28 kph pace. See this map for the ride route. This road consists of smooth rolling hills, and is well travelled by local cyclists. It is a safe and enjoyable route for intermediate road cyclists. Please note, this ride is now posted as an intermediate ride, and as such, you should note the distance and pace that will be maintained on this ride. This pace and distance has been requested by our current GBH Road Ride Club attendees. Thanks to all of you for your feedback.

To participate in the road ride, you will need a road bike (with drop bars) in good working order, a spare tube and inflation device in case of a flat, a positive attitude, and a respectful attitude towards others in the group. Helmets are mandatory for all rides. You will need to be a BNS general member which costs $30 and also register as a Giant Halifax Ride Club member (which is absolutely free.) Registration must be done online here. Once all the BNS paperwork is complete, please go to this Eventbrite link and get your ticket for the ride.

Please note: If you do not register as a BNS general member, and as a Giant Halifax Ride Club member, and have an Eventbrite ticket, for liability reasons, you will not be able to participate in this ride.