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The province has set October 4th as the date Nova Scotia moves into “Phase Five" of our reopening process

As of this date, our shop will operate at 100% capacity. There will no longer be restrictions on the number of customers allowed in the store. Face masks worn properly covering both nose and mouth will continue to be mandatory for entry into our business.

After watching most Canadian provinces abolish mandatory masks, and then witness major increases in both Covid case counts, and hospitalization, we hope you will understand and respect our policy. Our goal is to create the safest conditions possible for all our customers, staff, and families, and we see masks being worn inside buildings as still being a key part of that.

Just an FYI, all our staff have been double vaccinated and will be wearing masks anytime they are inside our shop. We want everybody visiting us to be confident we are providing the absolute safest shopping/working environment possible.

We are also encouraging everybody planning a visit with us will book an appointment by clicking on the green "Book Now" button below. It's easy, painless, and makes things so much safer, and efficient. 

Our website has been recently upgraded, and it now shows most of our in-store inventory. If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to give us a call, and we'll do our best to assist. We are now also set up for online sales, a major milestone for a small locally owned business like ours. We hope you enjoy and embrace the online sales capabilities we are now able to offer you. 

Our “no test ride policy” will continue until further notice. We want to be very upfront and clear about this policy to avoid any disappointment for all potential customers. Since Covid has begun, over two thousand customers have purchased bikes priced anywhere from $399 to$13,999 with no test rides and to date it has created no issues whatsoever. 

We will not accept cash as a form of payment going forward.

And finally, thanks to everyone the past year and a half for being flexible and helping to reduce the COVID risk as much as possible for our customers, staff, families, and our community.

We ask you to be considerate and understanding of the situation we all face together for just a bit longer as Canada moves into a "New Normal" that has yet to be defined.

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