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COVID 19 Update

COVID-19 Update May 14th

In response to the latest COVID restrictions put in place by our province, which we fully support, we will be closed to all in-store traffic effective immediately.

We are requesting that all customers book appointments for curbside pickup and drop off to reduce contact times, and make things a million times safer for everyone. Payment for services and products can be made via e-transfer to or we now have our credit/debit terminal setup at our main entrance if your cool with us holding the door open for you while you tap or punch in you pin number. 

Our website has been recently upgraded and it now shows much more of our in-store inventory than ever before. If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to give us a call, and we'll do our best to assist. We are now set up for online sales as well, a major milestone for a small locally owned business like ours. We hope you enjoy and embrace the online sales capabilities we are now able to offer.

There will be no test rides allowed until further notice. This is for the safety of both our customers and staff as well as helping reduce wait times for all. Customers that don't understand this, please don't come to the store and ask for special treatment, because you will not get it. We want to be very upfront and clear about this policy to avoid any disappointment to potential customers.

We will not accept cash as a form of payment going forward.

And finally, none of these restrictions are in the best interests of our business, but they certainly are for everyone hoping to reduce the COVID risk as much as possible for our customers and staff, their families, and our community.

These are extremely difficult times for all. Please be considerate and understanding of the situation we all face together. We thank you in advance.

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