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Every trail has its own personality. The dirt, the grades, the features and flow—it’s never exactly the same. Some trails are rugged and raw, true to the landscapes and terrain they traverse. Others are lovingly crafted by human hands, carved into the earth for the specific purpose of being fun to ride.

It’s this ever-changing experience and access to something wild that makes riding a trail bike so exhilarating. That thrill, that promise of nailing a new line—or riding an old familiar one you know by heart, but with a little more speed and style—is what drove the design of the all-new Trance X.

As a Giant branded store, we have the much beloved "Mothership" doing everything in their power to assist us with our continued success, so we will have more of these bikes available to you, the consumer, than any other shop in the Maritimes. 

But we also want to be upfront with you. Even the biggest bike brands in the world are facing many of the same supply, and shipping issues, so absolutely nothing in this industry is back to normal yet. Although we have good stock allocated to us in this category, only a few will be available in time for the beginning of next season, and many are not scheduled to arrive in Canada until the mid, to end of next season. 

So what we are trying to convey to you? If you want a bike for next spring, you better be shopping and putting money down on a bike now. Not just from us, but from any local shop you choose to support. 

If you want to wait until next spring to commit, so you can actually see the bike, touch the bike, we totally understand that, but the industry says that environment probably won't exist until at least the summer of 2023. So if you chose that route, we wish you well, but please be prepared to be disappointed for next season at least. 

At Giant Bicycle Halifax we have built our business on being 100% honest, upfront, and willing to share any and all the most current industry information we have access to. We call it Under Promising, and Over Delivering. Any business that uses this strategy will always be rewarded, and we've hung our hat on this philosophy since 2016. 

Want to know what is available, when, and how to secure a bike for next spring? Please visit this link which is updated daily with all the info you are looking for. 


Adjustable Geometry

The flip chip allows riders to adjust the geometry of their Maestro-equipped mountain bike to better suit how and where they ride.

Progressive Suspension

The result is one of the secrets of Maestro’s “bottomless” suspension feel over the full spectrum of trail impacts.