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SEPTEMBER 15th TO 30th

OK, so here are the details of our smart/interactive trainer promotion. We have searched all the reputable Canadian websites to find the best prices these trainers are currently being offered for and then we matched them. Simple? Yes, we hope so. 

If you do your research, if you do the math on currencies, you'll come to understand why you should visit us within the next 8 days, and secure the smart/interactive trainer of your choice. Please keep in mind, our stock is limited, and this promotion is in effect until September 30th only.

TrainerMAPSale PriceSavings
Elite Suito$1099.99$899.99$200.00
Elite Tuo$749.99$675.99$74.00
Elite Zumo$899.99$809.99$90.00
Wahoo Kickr Core$1299.99$1149.99$150.00


We understand tech info can be confusing, but the bottom line is all the trainers we stock, are best in class, but have slightly different features and different price points. 

We've found this website, DC Rainmaker, a great source for as much info you could ever imagine on our trainers, or if you want to compare products side by side and keep things simple, you can do that as well by using his trainer comparison tool. Just select the type, use, budget you have in mind from the drop-down menu, and then choose "Compare Now." Just like magic, you'll have all the most important features of each unit side by which will enable you to make the ultimate choice based on your needs and your budget. We hope this helps! 

Please keep in mind, the pricing he mentions on his website is all in US dollars, which right now is equal to 1.32 Canadian dollars. The trainer market is extremely competitive, and pricing all over North America is the same if you are converting all prices to Canadian dollars. One more tip, due to all credit card companies charging anywhere from 2% to 3.5% on currency conversion, customers have told us after they made their purchase online, they realized they actually paid more than they would have if they had sourced it locally.