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COVID-19 Update

August 8, 2020


The world wishes this "event" never happened, but it sure did, and in a very big way. Since Wednesday, March 18th, when we first announced our new COVID-19 measures that were implemented to reduce the risk to both our valued customers and staff they seemed very strange to everybody. But time marches on, and each day we have found new ways to make visiting the shop and assisting customers safer.

COVID-19 Update

Our plan is consistent with all Health Canada recommendations to reduce numbers, reduce social contact, increase personal space and distancing for all, as well as disinfecting all surfaces touched by both parties during our business operation. Updated on June 27th, and effective immediately the following controls are in place until further notice.

  • We ask that anyone who has travelled outside the country, or province in the past two weeks or has been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is not feeling well to not visit us.
  • Effective immediately, all customers wishing to visit our store will be required to wear a mask. No ifs and buts, if you do not have a mask, you will not be able to enter our shop. This is in the best interest of your family's safety, our staff's familily's saftey, and our provinces present and future well being during COVID 19.
  • We will limit the total number of customers in the store to five, one per household please, to help ensure everybody stays at least 2 meters apart.
  • We've taken a lot of criticism recently regarding not answering our phones in a timely manner. We are still working on improving this metric, but the reality is, whenever a staff member is not busy assisting in store customers, the phone will be answered promptly.
  • We have installed our "Cone of Silence Shield" at our cash counter to add maximum protection for both our customers and staff.
  • We have decreased our hours as posted here on our website as well as on our Google page to help us catch up on bike builds, and satisfy our customers who pre purchased bikes. Any new bike purchases made today will take us 5 business days to build, based on our current backlog. Trust me folks, we have people working extra shifts, coming in early, and staying late, but we are unable to keep up with the current demand.
  • The doors will no longer be locked unless we are at store capacity. At that time we will limit access to the store and ask for your understanding. It is in the best interests of all that we follow the guidlines that have put our province in the enviable position it is in today.
  • We will request anyone entering the store to abide by the 2 meter law, and we actually recommend further distancing if possible. Trust us, with a little bit of effort and awareness, this easily is achievable.
  • There will be no test rides allowed until further notice. This is for the safety of both our customers and staff as well as helping reduce wait times for all. Customers that don't understand this, please don't come to the store and ask for special treatment, because you will not get it. We want to be very upfront and clear about this policy to avoid any dissappointment to potential customers.
  • We will not accept cash as a form of payment until further notice.
  • And finally, none of these restrictions are in the best interests of our business, but they certainly are for everyone hoping to reduce the COVID risk as much as possible for our customers and staff, and that has been our focus since day one.

These are extremely difficult times for all. Please be considerate of everybody’s health, yours, your family, and our staff! We thank you for your understanding in advance.


The BMan