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We Do Not Ship Products

We do not ship any products, and are prohibited from shipping bicycles in respect of our legally binding dealer agreement with Giant Canada. All bicycle pick ups are to completed in store only, and the bike must be fully assembled, tested, and safe to ride as we hand it off to our customers. 

In-Store Pickup

If you need an item right away, please call us beforehand to confirm that the product is available before heading to our store. If you purchase a product from us online, please be prepared to show both the purchaser's photo ID and the credit card used for the transaction. Both must be present and verified during the pickup.

Our No Test Ride Policy

As much as Covid was a tough time for everyone, it also opened the eyes of many businesses as to what was really important to consumers, and what was not. When Covid hit North America in November of 2020, we eliminated test rides on all bikes. Since then, we have sold thousands bikes priced anywhere from $500 to $13,000 with less than one percent of customers feeling a test ride was necessary before purchasing. Based on this data, it is obvious that almost nobody needs to test ride a bike to make a really good buying decision. Customers who feel a test ride is essential before they purchase a bike, can still find other shops that offer them, but we are not one of them, and we want to be up totally up front about this to avoid any disappointment on your behalf.

  • Based on two years of sales we have had less than one percent of our customers tell us test rides are needed for them to make a great purchasing decision. To follow that up, we've had not one customer, zero percent during that same period, who have reached out to us stating they were disappointed with their bike purchase. 
  • Test rides create significant liability risks for all bike shops, in particular, bike shops operating in major urban centres. Personal injury through no fault of the test rider, theft, bikes getting damaged during test rides, are a few reasons why most shops located in other large Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver eliminated test rides long ago. 
  • In the past customers have test ridden bikes, decided to purchase the product, but then requested a new bike to be ordered, because the bike they just test rode was now "a used bike."
  • Bikes have been damaged during test rides, sometimes just by having customers attempt to stand over bikes in the store, and when that happens a significant discount is requested by the same customers who actually caused the damage, or by the next customer interested in purchasing the bike.
  • If you are really honest with yourself as a consumer, you will admit that a 5 minute test ride on a bike determines very little. In fact, it is the personal experience between you and the staff member of the bike retailer of your choice, the questions asked, the information exchanged, and other supplementary research you have done that has the biggest impact on your potential new bike purchase.

COVID Bikes 

Due to COVID and the supply and inventory challenges our industry is facing, we are asking customers who want to secure a bike on our backorder list to provide us with a 50% before tax deposit, which is fully refundable at anytime up to date of purchase. If you find a bike somewhere else, change your mind, or don't like the color of the bike when it arrives, no problem, you'll get a full refund of your deposit. No risk, no pressure, that's our commitment to you.

Special Orders  

In the event that we do not have the item you are looking for, a special order may be possible. Special Orders require a 50% before tax deposit at the time of order, and are not eligible for return in anyway. A Special Order is defined as anything we do not normally keep in our inventory, or already have on order from our suppliers. If there is a warranty claim for a special order product, we will assist you with this to the best of our ability. This policy does not apply to COVID Bikes, see above.

Return Policy

If you wish to return a product, Giant Bicycle Halifax offers the following return policy within 15 days of purchase. Please retain your printed receipt for proof of purchase as that is necessary to qualify for a return. We ask that all returned products have the original packaging, tagging intact, and that the product is in new condition. If your item does not meet these requirements, it cannot be returned. 

There are no refunds on bikes. Credit or exchange only subject to inspection and a 10% restocking fee. Special Orders (see above) are not eligible for return in any way.

Warranty Claims

Warranty claims on products purchased from us must be have an accompanying proof of purchase. This is the first step in any warranty request process. Please understand, it is the manufacturers and suppliers who offer and administer the warranty resolution. We are your representative in this process, and will do our very best to relay all pertinent information to our suppliers to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. Here is a direct link to Giant Canada's warranty information page for your convenience. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash, cheque or credit. This applies for traditional, virtual and promotional gift cards.
Refunds on products bought with gift cards (traditional, virtual, and promotional) will be refunded to a gift card only.
The value of gift cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without permission.

Prices and Information

Our website is intended to help you. We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our online catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. However, inventory or pricing errors may occur, and we reserve the right to decline or cancel any orders where mistakes or discrepancies in price or stock status exist regardless of the source of the error. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience such mistakes may create. Please bring any errors you find to our attention on your next visit or by calling or emailing us. Thank you!