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Giant Bicycle Halifax is so proud to be a part of our community known as Halifax, or by others as HRM. The land is rugged, steeped in tradition and history, and is well known as a home where people truly care for, and respect one and other. Hey that's why everybody in Canada is moving to live here right?

As a small business, locally owned and operated, we do our very best to support our community which has been so supportive of us since day one. 

We organize Local Group Road Rides, intermediate MTB rides, co- sponsor our GBH Racing Team with the help of Aberdeen Paving, Black Sheep, Garrison Brewing, and our good friends at Java Blend. We also stage in store clinics on bike mechanics, training plans, and beer tasting when COVID isn't messing everything up. Our Full Moon rides, staged by our LIV Ambassador, Jeanne Ju, are world famous!

And to top this off, once a year we stage the coolest event ever to celebrate the fact that we are able to in an effort to give back to our community. The event? It's called "Hit The Deck" Inspired and developed by one man, Adam Bowes, and supported by everyone who has ever heard of this event, it is staged once a year to raise awareness for Phoenix Youth and to raise funds to help our local youth find a new direction.

On June 1, 2021, Giant Halifax achieved "Gold Level" status and became a major sponsor of the MacIntosh Run Trails, a great trail system located in the heart of HRM, and this my friends is living proof that if you believe strongly in your community, and want to make it even better, you most certainly can. It just takes a whole lot of hard work, belief, and organization. Kudos once again to our great friends at MRWA for allowing us to assist them achieve their goals!

Thanks so much for your past, present, and hopefully future support Halifax, because we think this city is the one of the very best places in the world to live, and we're proud to be able to in a small way, make it even better.